Dept Subject Number Credits Course Name
DNA NURSAN 3802 3 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 3

The third course in the Advanced Principles series provides in-depth study of specialized areas of Nurse Anesthesia Practice. Lectures concentrate on the evidence base for specific anesthetic and surgical interventions. Anesthetic approaches and management plans for patients with traumatic injuries, burns (across the lifespan), alterations of hemostasis, hematologic disorders and neuropathology and pulmonary conditions will be reviewed.  Neurosurgical, diagnostic radiology, solid organ transplant (renal, hepatic etc.) trauma, reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures will be reviewed. Current techniques and technology related to safe management of care for patients undergoing procedures involving these areas will be examined.  Interactive workshops in managing trauma and performing invasive and non-invasive procedures will allow development of psychomotor skills in caring for burn and trauma patients.  This course will also focus on principles of scientific writing for publication