Dept Subject Number Credits Course Name
DNA NURSAN 3798 3 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 2

The second course in the Advanced Principles series provides in-depth study of specialized areas of Nurse Anesthesia Practice. Lectures concentrate on the theoretical basis for specific interventions and relevant research-based rationale for their use in each area of sub specialization. Planning for the anesthetic care of patients with diseases requiring cardiothoracic, pulmonary, vascular, gynecologic, genitourinary and transplant (heart and lung) procedures is the focus. Current techniques and technology related to safe management of care for patients undergoing these procedures will be reviewed.  Incorporated interactive workshops using models and mannequins will allow skill development in the areas of fiberoptic bronchoscopy, jet ventilation, Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube placement (DLEBT) and Central Venous Catheter insertion.  Skills in scientific writing for publication in preparation for Capstone project completion will be developed.