Dept Subject Number Credits Course Name
HCS NUR 2823 3 Forensic PMH Nursing and Correctional Nursing

This course provides an overview of forensic psychiatric mental health nursing and correctional nursing practice. The course focuses on the role of the forensic psychiatric mental health nurse (FPMHN) and correctional forensic nurse (CFN) in caring and providing interventions for the criminally insane, adjudicated criminal defendants unable to stand trial by reason of insanity or mental disorder/defect, or incarcerated offenders in rehabilitation or in treatment, as well as survivors and their families who are affected by interpersonal violence. Emphasis is placed on the role of the nurse when fpmhn and cn intersect with the law to affect patient outcomes. Research themes, standards of practice, evidence-based interventions and outcomes are discussed. The application of ELSI (ethical, legal and sociocultural issues) in fpmhn and cfn are presented. The role of the CFN in various correctional facilities and level of client treatment needs will be explored.