Dept Subject Number Credits Course Name
HCS NUR 2820 3 Legal Nurse Consulting

This course provides knowledge in areas of the law; the process of a lawsuit; and ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) related to nurse consulting and forensic nursing (FN). It is designed to provide an overview of how nursing knowledge and skills can be transferred and translated into legal nurse consulting (INC) and forensic nursing examination (FNE) practice. Approaches and methods in legal nurse consulting and forensic nursing are discussed including but not limited to screening cases, analyzing health professional malpractice cases, performing medical records review and examination, quality assurance and risk management, preparing effective written and verbal reports and abstracts, and preparing for testifying as an expert witness. Specific activities focused on the development of investigative techniques in forensic nursing examination are included. Emphasis is placed on the application of nursing skills and knowledge to questions of law and health in criminal and civil investigations and other court related issues.