Elective Graduate Courses

Graduate Electives

The following graduate electives are commonly available.  Please check the Class Schedule for availability in a specific term. For more information, please contact either Student Affairs and Alumni Relations or your advisor at (412) 624-4547.

Independent Study

NURCNS 2161  NURNP 2161 NURSP 2161

NURCNS 2361 NURNP 2361 NURSP 2361   NURNP 2561   NURSAN 2780

An independent study is a student-initiated experience planned to permit students to pursue an area of interest in nursing with guidance of a faculty preceptor.

When enrolling for this course, you must select the number of credits you and the instructor of the course agreed on before completing the enrollment process. 

When: By Appointment
Where: By Appointment
Who: School of Nursing Students Only
Credits: 1 – 3

NUR 2079  Children with Disabilities: An Interdisciplinary Clinical Practicum

NUR 2089  Children with Disabilities: An Interdisciplinary Clinical Practicum 2

NUR 2680  Introduction to Genetics and Molecular Therapeutics

NUR 2681  Advanced Topics in Human Genetics

NUR 2820  Legal Nurse Consultin

NUR 2822  Seminar and Practicum in Forensic Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting

NUR 2823  Forensic Nursing PMH Nursing and Correctional Nursing

NUR 2865  Fundamentals of Disaster and Mass Casualty Care