Precision Medicine: Incorporation of Genetics and Genomics into Nursing Practice

Nurses are being called upon to play a significant role in the national Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), which will result in identification of biological, environmental, and behavioral influences on diseases and chronic conditions.  Nurses, as the largest sector in the health care work force, will interact with more patients from various socio-economic groups – the very people who are needed as volunteers in the Initiative.  Nurse will be trusted to explain what participation will mean for the individual and encourage them to participate in this critical program.

First, nurses need to understand how they can play a major role in the PMI.  This continuing education activity will teach practicing nurses how to collect genetic information, work with the national initiative, and use the program to better assess disease recurrence risk. 


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This learning activity was created and presented by:
Janice Dorman, PhD, MS
Mandy Schmella, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Susan Wesmiller, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

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Contact hours Awarded: 3
Cost:  $75