Key Concepts in Health Policy

Key Concepts in Health Policy is a two part series:  Health and Society, and American Democracy and Its Challenges.  Well-constructed public policy is necessary to help promote the health and well-being of the population. However, twenty-first century America is marked by deep and seemingly incommensurable divisions in terms of public policy solutions to our most intractable issues. Health policy challenges are not immune to these deep divisions, as the debate during and since the passage of the Affordable Care Act illustrates. Positions on key public policy issues are driven by a variety of philosophical and social. In these professional development activities, Dr. Grant R. Martsolf explores conceptual foundations of how we understand health and well-being and the ways in which government and society attempt to support citizens toward achieving a capacious vision of health.


Grant R. Martsolf, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN
Professor, UPMC Health Systems Chair
University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing

Health and Society

Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate a rich conception of health and human flourishing
  • Describe how the pursuit of health and flourishing is integral to society’s pursuit of the common good
  • Discuss the way in which human society is organized in order to pursue the common good and the related role of government in promoting the common good

American Democracy and Its Challenges 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the central features distinguishing liberal democracy in America
  • Describe major challenges that face American democracy in addressing a full concept of health and flourishing
  • Discuss how the concept of solidarity impacts American democracy and our attempts to improve health and flourishing
  • Discuss how the weakening of American institutions threaten flourishing

Contact Hours:  1 per activity

Costs:  $25 per activity

Review Date:  December 16, 2023

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