June 2017 Newsletter

Alumna Named to National Advisory Board

The Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence provides grants and programs that support the nursing profession. These funds are designed to develop outstanding nursing faculty, advance scholarship, and spark innovative practice.

Congratulations to Horoho for her appointment to this board!


Pitt Nursing Team Wins Funding

Winning projects across the university are selected for funding each year by the Office of the Provost’s Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence.

“TWICE: Teaching Workplace Interprofessional Communication Effectively—Innovative Strategies to Improve Communication in the Workplace” was designed to develop teaching strategies that could improve senior nursing students’ communications skills and their efficacy in addressing difficult conversations in the workplace. The program uses instructional videos, peer-to-peer communication scenarios, and faculty evaluations of student communications skills. It’s expected that the project will enhance graduate nurse clinical performance and have both immediate and long-term impacts on patient safety.


Work of Faculty Member Featured in International Art Exhibit

Some staff from the museum participated in “Disaster Preparedness” when it was available as a full course, and wanted to include it as an example of presenting concepts in an approachable way with practical tips and tools that doesn’t come across as alarmist. The course video presentation includes studio lectures and outdoor demonstrations that show survival techniques, and is designed to cover the basic needs of an individual or family without outside assistance for up to a week. More than 40,000 people from 100 countries participated in the course’s original run of three individual six-week sessions.

In the original sessions of the course, a discussion board allowed students and instructors to share their ideas and concerns. “All of these MOOC participants received advice and support from people all over the world,” Beach notes. “We really became one world with a dedication or simply an interest in being prepared.”

The course now runs continuously on Coursera.



Student Profile: Audrey Vanim Kreke

The award is given annual by the association to a graduating Pitt nurse practitioner student who exemplifies academic and clinical excellence. Vanim Kreke received her award at a ceremony in May.