Salah Al-Zaiti

Assistant Professor
Acute & Tertiary Care
School of Nursing
336 Victoria Building
3500 Victoria Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

F: 412-383-7227


My program of research focuses on improving the clinical prognostication of patients with acute & chronic cardiac conditions using computerized electrocardiography (ECG) algorithms and advanced statistical procedures. My previous research experiences include survival analysis of mortality indices in ischemic cardiomyopathy patients with ICDs, evaluating sudden cardiac death risk factors among firefighters, and meta-analyses of mortality predictors in various cardiac populations.

I was also enrolled in diabetes & metabolic syndrome research studying the cardio-protective effects of insulin and intima-media thickness changes. My current focus is to evaluate the presentation, extend, and serverity of myocardial ischemia in non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (Non-STEMI) patients using quantitative ECG, including pre-hospital evaluation and management. My work involves using stress treadmills, holters, 12-lead ECG machines, point-of-care biological monitors, and variety of ECG analysis software and statistical packages. Markers of interest include QTc, QRS fragmentation, T morphology and vectorocardiogram indices.

Clinical Emphasis

I worked as a registered nurse with bone marrow transplantation patients and as a nurse practitioner with diabetic patients.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


I am prepared to teach advanced clinical nursing and acute complex care to undergraduate and graduate students and graduate quantitative research methods.


I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau (STT), American Heart Association (AHA), and International Society of Computerized Electrocardiography (ISCE). I am a peer reviewer at Journal of Electrocardiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, Heart & Lung Journal, and Journal of Occupational & environmental Medicine. I am an abstract reviewer for the Council of Advancement of Nursing Research (CANS). I am one of the authors of the ECG Puzzler column at the American Journal of Critical Care.