Debra Peitzman

Acute & Tertiary Care
School of Nursing
336 Victoria Building
3500 Victoira Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

F: 412-383-7227


Debbie has been a nurse for forty–four years.  She has worked in trauma for most of her clinical experience but also ICU, recovery room, oncology, burn unit, orthopedics and general surgery. Debbie worked at New York University Hospital in NYC as an Oncology Clinical Specialist Where she administered chemotherapy and had her own patients that she followed and directed there care. During this time she was involved with a new care concept called, co-operative care. Patients would be admitted to a facility much like a hotel for their treatments, they would bring a care-giver with them and receive their treatment in a treatment center then stay in their room where the caregiver would be with them. She co-authored an article evaluating this concept. This article was published in the Oncology Nursing Journal and presented at the Oncology Nursing Society Congress. 

Debbie Earned her BSN from the University of Pittsburgh and A Masters Degree as an Oncology Clinical Specialist. She went on to complete another Masters degree and is certified as an Acute Care Adult Nurse Practitioner also, at the University of Pittsburgh. She also holds a certification in Med-Surg nursing and Orthopedic Nursing.

Debbie is a Member of the American Society of Med-Surg Nurses, and the National Association of Orthopedic Nurses. She is an active member of the Professional Practice Council at UPMC, Presbyterian Hospital.  

Debbie began her Teaching Career part time at the University of Pittsburgh in 2006. She has taught all levels from sophomores to seniors, transitions and second degree students 

Clinical Emphasis