MSN to DNP Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Curriculum (onsite & online*)

*the online option is only available to applicants with a master’s degree in same focus

The Adult-Gerontology (CNS) concentration prepares nurses as expert providers of care to patients/families across the continuum of healthcare services (from wellness through acute care). The CNS functions as a developer and manager of programs of care for populations of patients; as a leader, consultant, mentor, and change agent in advancing nurse practice; as a clinical outcomes manager who produces quality, cost-effective outcomes; as a leader of multidisciplinary groups in implementing innovative projects; and as a developer of research projects that test innovative practices.

This concentration includes choice of a clinical emphasis in cardiopulmonary, critical care, oncology, trauma and emergency preparedness (TEP) or a directed (self-designed) emphasis. The directed emphasis allows the student to design a clinical emphasis in a particular area of interest, e.g., internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics. Full and part-time study is available. A minimum of 1000 clinical hours is required.

Clinical hours required will depend on the number of hours completed in student’s prior MSN degree. Graduates are eligible for national certification by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, or the Oncology Nursing Society (if oncology emphasis is selected).

*Courses with a “D” are delivered synchronously via distance technology. Such courses are open only to qualified on-site students as per Policy 438

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Spring Term (Year 1)

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Fall Term (Year 2)

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