MSN to DNP Health Systems Executive Leadership (onsite & online)

The DNP Health Systems Executive Leadership (HSEL) curriculum is designed to accommodate students who have completed their master’s degree in nursing or their BSN with a master’s degree in a related focus. Course work can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

University of Pittsburgh students who matriculate into the DNP HSEL area of concentration following completion of the CNL degree receive 16 didactic credits for courses common to both programs as well as 420 post BSN clinical hours for completion of the CNL program requirements.  To meet the DNP requirement of 1000 clinical hours post BSN, in addition to the 540 hours that are part of the DNP curriculum CNL graduates will need to complete 40 additional hours while enrolled in the DNP program. They will also need to take the remaining 25 DNP curriculum credits plus the elective and/or independent credits to meet the required 83 post BSN credits.

The online option is only available to applicants with a master’s degree in a related  focus.  

Courses with a “D” are delivered synchronously via distance technology. Such courses are open only to qualified on-site students as per Policy 438.

Fall Term (Year 1)

  • NUR 2044 Nursing Graduate Orientation Module 0 cr.
  • NURSP 2061/2061D* Organizational and Management Theory 3 cr.
  • NUR 2011/2011D* Applied Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice 3 cr.

Spring Term (Year 1)

Summer Term (Year 1)

Fall Term (Year 2)

Spring Term (Year 2)

Summer Term (Year 2)

  • NUR 2010/2010D* Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Culturally Diverse Populations 3 cr.
  • NUR 3032/3032D* Data Analysis for DNP Projects 2 cr. 

Fall Term (Year 3)

  • NURSP 3096*** Data Analytics and Clinical Systems Design 3 cr.
  • NURSP 3094 Evidence Based Management & Quality Improvement 3 cr. 

Spring Term (Year 3)

**Clinical courses
*** 2 credits are clinical; 1credit is didactic
#Students may take NUR 3050/3050D* Grant Writing offered in the summer term in lieu of this course